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Here at Spartan Refinishing, we are pleased to offer a wide range of IOR rifle scopes and accessories. These extremely robust IOR riflescopes are characterised by a high degree of internal adjustment, the use of top-quality German Schott glass, large main tubes, zero stop turrets, illuminated reticles, wide parallax adjustments and the ability to absorb enormous amounts of recoil. This allows the shooter to get out to extreme ranges with relative ease. Purchase your new IOR product from Spartan Refinishing today. 

IOR was founded in Bucharest, Romania as a manufacturer of military grade riflescopes in 1936. More recently the company turned its hand to the commercial market, causing quite a stir in the long-range shooting community both in the UK and in the US.

IOR ODIN 3.5-18x50 FFP ZS SF Illuminated MIL MIL Rifle Scope w/ Rings

Includes Free 35mm Scope Rings.

IOR ODIN 3.5-18×50 a new and improved version of its predecessor the IOR 3-18×42 with the added advantage of usability at low light conditions, but at the same time it still offers quite a high range of magnification.

The IOR ODIN 3.5-18×50 FFP is the perfect compromise between hunting and tactical shooting usage of scope. This is one of the best choices of top quality glass for foxing in the UK with German optics providing amazing optically quality yet with a military touch that will allow the use of night vision attachments.

The ODIN is equipped with a 0.1 MRAD click value and is paired a MIL based reticle which allows the shooter call elevation and windage corrections easily on any magnification as subtensions remain constant on all magnifications.

This top-quality scope is constructed on a 35mm tube that provides the owner with 20 MRAD internal reticle adjustment with 10 MILs per revolution making it a perfect scope which is loaded with features for every long-range shooter. The IOR ODIN 3.5-18×50 FFP is equipped with Zero Stop and a Secondary impact indicator + a new digital touch illumination system with auto shut off. 

The IOR ODIN 3.5-18×50 FFP is manufactured with the finest optical glass from Schott Glassworks situated in Germany and includes the best multi-coating technology available to this day. Its optical performance is unmatched. Longer eye relief, better field of view and superior mechanical performance gives this IOR riflescope a position way above its competitors. Included is a 4-inch sunshade.

PRICE: £1575.00

Call Spartan Refinishing on 01256 371842 to place your order.

IOR Vulcan 6-24x56 Illuminated FFP MIL Riflescope

The IOR 6-24x56 illuminated FFP MIL MIL SH1 riflescope is equipped with FFP reticle - first focal plane meaning the relative size of the reticle stays constant to the size of the image. This particular model is supplied with the new FFP MP-8 MIL SH1 reticle which will ensure the ultimate in long range rifle shooting precision.

Issued with IORs brand new digital illumination system which allows for extended battery life with its auto shut off feature.

Zero Stop Turrets with Secondary Point of Impact Indicator ensures your consistency and precision during your shoot.

The IOR 6-24x56 Illuminated FFP MIL MIL SH1 Riflescope has a tube diameter of 35mm with a fast focus eye piece. The 35mm tube of the IOR riflescope is rugged and robust and within this optical excellence is IORs latest MC-7 broad band fully multicoating technology ensuring the clearest of images during use.

PRICE: £1575.00

Call Spartan Refinishing on 01256 371842 to place your order.

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