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Manufactured especially for the UK shooting market, the GSG 1911 Standard LBP is as light and versatile as traditional pistols, but with an added non-removable arm support, allowing it to classify as a Section 1 firearm. 

The Standard pistol, which features a spring blowback system, semi-automatic reloading, and manual safety systems, has been designed in close collaboration with Edgar Brothers.

The pistol’s design draws on GSG’s renowned 1911 .22LR model for inspiration, but has been modified to comply with UK firearms legislation. The pistol incorporates a non-detachable moderator, which means the barrel length meets the required 300mm minimum, and an arm brace, which ensures the overall length of the firearm adheres to the 600mm requirement.

All backed up by Edgar Brothers 12mth Warranty.

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1911 LBP .22LR Blued Barrel. 10rd Magazine, Wood grips.  £450.00

1911 LBP .22LR Blued Barrel. 10rd Magazine. Standard grips.  £450.00

1911 LBP .22LR Stainless. 10rd Magazine. Wood grips. £450.00

1911 LBP .22LR Tan. 10rd Magazine. Std Grips.  £450.00

1911 LBP .22LR Olive Drab. 10rd Magazine. Wood grips.   £450.00

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