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Cerakote Pricing

How we do it!!


After a complete strip-down and degrease any parts not to be blasted are either masked off or blocked up with heat resistant plugs and then it's into the blasting cabinet for a robust abrasive blasting in aluminium oxide. 

Once blasted we place the parts in our dedicated oven and "gas out" takes place. This process drives out any oils that may remian. If we spot any oil deposits it goes for a complete degrease again and the parts go back to the oven until we are happy that no oils remain.


Once all your parts have cooled down your chosen colour of Cerakote is carefully mixed and filtered into a dedicated spray gun and then its off to the spray booth where the magic happens!! 

Once the parts are evenly coated the parts go back to the oven for curing. 2 hours at 250*F and the Cerakote is fully cured. Once all the parts have cooled down its time to reassemble your rifle. 

There's only one way to get the Cerakote on your rifle and in my opinion this is the best small spray gun on the market to do it with. We use these extensively in our bodyshop and the finish they provide is outstanding.

The Devilbiss SRi HVLP with a 0.8mm nozzle ensures perfect atomisation of the Cerakote. Such is our quest for the perfect finish that to avoid the risk of cross contamination with other paints the spray guns we use for Cerakote are separate from the ones we use for vehicle     refinishing. They spray Cerakote and nothing else!                               



Barrelled Action                           £160.00


Barrel                                         £85.00


Action                                         £85.00


Bolt handle/body                          £35.00


Bolt Shroud                                  £5.00


Bottom Metal inc. action screws     £35.00


Magazine                                     £25.00


Thread protector                          £5.00 (FOC if Cerakoting the barrel at the same time)


AR15 Forward hand guard             £70.00


AR15 Upper                                 £70.00


AR15 Lower                                 £70.00


AR15 Style rear stock                    £70.00


AR15 Pistol Grip                            £20.00


Sound Moderators   from               £35.00


Scope Rings per pair                     £35.00


Scope Bases per pair                    £25.00


Scope Rail                                   £25.00


Rifle Scopes from                         £100.00


Muzzle Brake       from                  £20.00


Riflestock  from                            £100.00


More than 1 colour                       POA


Strip/Reassembly fee                    £40.00


If there's somthing special you'd like done thats not here just call us and we'll quote you over the phone.

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